80-Year Old Wooden Escalator Transformed into an M. C. Escher Public Sculpture

Chris Fox. Interloop, 2017. Installed at Wynyard Station, December 2017.
Photograph: Josh Raymond.

M. C. Escher‘s never-ending staircase has come to life in a Sydney train station. Australian artist Chris Fox‘s new site specific work installs past above present—244 wooden escalator steps that carried passengers for eight decades twist and wind above the heads of today’s passengers riding the functioning steel escalators below.

“Connecting yesterday and tomorrow, Interloop interrogates the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture,” says the artist. He told the Sydney Morning Herald, “Interloop is a project that really talks about past journeys and future journeys—this idea of two stitching stairways that interloop over each other using these heritage treads,”

Chris Fox. Interloop, 2017. Sydney, Australia, December 2017.
Photograph: Josh Raymond.
Image from M.C. Escher by Taschen Books.

The work took six months to design and engineer, and the five-ton sculpture took 12 weeks to fabricate and a quick 48 hours to install. It’s built from high strength marine-grade aluminum and suspended by steel beams.

Find Interloop on the ArtAround map inside Sydney’s Wynyard Station.

Interloop interrogates the conceptual and material boundaries between art and architecture


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