Parees Fest Brings 10 New Murals to Oviedo, Spain

Ovni painting “Centralilla electrical circuit (Electric circuit board).” Photo: Fernando Alcalá.

Ten new murals were painted in two days in the city of Oviedo in Asturias, Spain last week—all thanks to the new mural festival, Parees Fest. Managed by Edu Curosio, the festival included a mural competition, graffiti workshops, and talks on women and gender in art.

Thanks to Edu, Parees Fest just became our first festival partner: all ten murals are now on the ArtAround map, with their locations accessible to the world via ArtAround’s web and iOS apps. See all ten of the incredible new murals below, and click the photo or title to see the artwork in the ArtAround database.

October 14-15, 2017


Photo: Parees Fest

Mural sin nombre (No name mural)

by Agostino Iacurci


Photo: Mirahaciatras

Centralilla electrical circuit (Electric circuit board)

by Anna Taratiel (Ovni)


Photo: Mirahaciatras

Todo lo que no tuve yo quiero que lo tengas tú

(I want you to have everything I didn’t)

by Elisa Capdevila


Photo: Fernando Alcalá

Fox & Rabbit

by Susie Hammer


Photo: Mirahaciatras

Caras (Faces) 

by Bitxo


Photo: Fernando Alcalá 

Noche Blanca de Oviedo (Oviedo White Night)



Photo: Fernando Alcalá


by Bastian Prendes


Photo: Mirahaciaatras


by Asociarte (Xav, Neñu, Eleman)


Photo: Fernando Alcalá


by Creatura (SKF, Hosk, Jalos)


Photo: Mirahaciatras


by Paint Pression (Brus, DMS1, Sonek)



See all the Parees Fest murals on the ArtAround map. And if you or someone you know works on a mural, public art, or street art festival, email us and help us archive all the work you’re doing for years to come.


An advocate for art in the public space, Lindsey is ArtAround's director and the Digital Content Editor for Art21, non-profit producers of films about contemporary art. She holds a BA in journalism and art history from NYU and an MS in the history of art & design from Pratt Institute, where she wrote her master's thesis on street art theory.


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