Introducing Lindsey Davis, ArtAround’s New Executive Director

Me, second from the right, with Laura Kogler, Laura Kerry and Alexis Arnold.

Today I am stepping down as executive director of ArtAround and handing over the reigns to Lindsey Davis.

Lindsey is an energetic, kindred spirit and the founder of, a database of art in the public space. She believes in the mission of connecting people to the art around them as much as anyone and I’m excited to see where she takes ArtAround next.

Helping people map and find the art around them has been a wonderful, challenging and fulfilling project for me for the past (nearly) four years.

Like all hard things you do that you care deeply about, you don’t get them done alone, but with really smart, capable people, many of whom, for this particular project, worked on a shoe-string budget and often for no money at all.

Special thanks to all the people and organizations that have helped and supported ArtAround along the way including:

Laura Kogler
Alexis Arnold
Laura Kerry
Angela Kilduff
Blake Hall
Brian Singer
Star St. Germain
Laurenellen McCann (Original founder of ArtAround)
Josette Melchor
John Mertens
Max Ogden
Matt Blair
Jen Pahlka
Tim O’Reilly
Yancey Strickler
Baratunde Thurston
Kate Patterson
The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFTA)
Code for America
SF Arts Commission
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Betti Ono Gallery

Anna Bloom
Facebook Content Strategy Manager. Unapologetic feminist, optimist + technologist.


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