Halloween costume ideas from the map☠⚐


Happy Halloween! If you’re short on costume ideas this year, public art could be just the inspiration you need.

You can always hit the mainstream and find a Banksy work to impersonate, or peruse our art map to get the creative juices flowing.

We found a few costume ideas to get you started, based on public art on both coasts




1A. Thomas Schomberg’s Rocky, 1982

Philadelphia, PA

This sculpture stands outside at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone just before the release of Rocky III.


Washington, D.C. 

This sculpture of Jim Henson’s Kermit is located along one of the walking trails in University Park’s Town Park.


3Decoy’s Madonna and Child, 2010

Washington D.C. 

This paste street artwork is in East D.C. near 1110 H Street.



Oakland, CA

This mosaic is on Ford Street, near Peterson Street.

Photo by Josette Melchor.


5Paul Dubois’ Joan of Arc, 1922

Washington D.C. 

This monument to the French heroine is located at the top of Meridian Hill Park, at 16th Street and W Street, NW.



See more sculptures and street art to inspire your Halloween on the ArtAround map!


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