Announcing the ArtAround Catalog!


533 researched, photographed, and GIF’d artworks in San Francisco are (finally!) on the map.

It took an entire year but the ArtAround Catalog in San Francisco is online and ready for perusing! Find a new monument or street art alley on the way to your next adventure, and help us make the map even more comprehensive by adding the new art you find.

Since we first came online in 2012, our incredible community has been building a map of art all over the world, and the ArtAround Catalog is transforming that map into a living archive through two powerful new features:

1—We’re expanding our reach, documenting not just the locations of inspiring public artworks, but the artworks themselves. Too many murals have been painted over, and too many installations are temporary for us to stand by and not document the artistic transformations of our public spaces. ArtAround as an organization is joining its community on the map, brining series of photo, GIFs, and research to all the artworks we find.

2—The art found by the community (aka you!) will be researched too. By us! Using jounalism’s rule-of-threes (“it takes three sources to verify a story”) when three or more photos of the same artwork are uploaded from the same location, that artwork is researched by us and becomes part of the catalog.

The research we do for the artworks in the catalog is, like us, exclusively digital. The descriptions and links encompass all the info for that artwork that’s available on the web. Being a community-powered tool is great, but we also want to be a resource that our community can use and explore. We’ll do all the Googling so you don’t have to. That way, everyone can learn where that mural came from and who’s said what about it since.

Cataloged artworks have light blue pins, so each time you see one, you’ll know that artwork’s been researched. But there are still a few pins that remain a mystery, so if you know something we don’t, click “Edit” to help us fill in the blanks!

Now get out there and find the art around you!



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