Announcing ArtAround’s First Online Communities: Ambassadors & Allies


This Giving Tuesday, ArtAround is excited to announce the launch of two online communities aimed at keeping our global database of art online and growing throughout 2018 and beyond. In 2010 ArtAround became the very first online archive of public art, and since then we’ve expanded to encompass street art, graffiti, and festivals—all forms of creative expression in public spaces. Now, nearly eight years later, we’re opening up the gates and asking for everyone with internet access to join us in our mission of making the art in public spaces accessible.

ArtAround Ambassadors

Have more time than money? Join the ArtAround Ambassador community and become a key player in growing our digital map of art in public spaces. For the first time ever, we’re tracking your uploads and giving you credit. The more artworks you upload, the higher you go on on our new scoreboard, and the more likely you are to win regular contests.

For our first contest, the Ambassador that uploads the most artworks between today and the end of the year will win an ArtAround tank, sticker, and magnet set. Sign up here and start uploading right away!

The ArtAround Alliance

Have more money than time? Donate $10 a month and join the ArtAround Alliance. We’ll send you a thank you gift: a limited edition ArtAround tote, magnet, and sticker pack. If you know someone who cares about art in public spaces, donate in their name this holiday season and we’ll send the thank you gift their way. We need exactly $605.67 to keep ArtAround online in 2018. If just five people joined the Alliance, that’d be enough!

Of course, a passion for art in public spaces isn’t something everyone has. If these communities don’t interest you, you can still play a huge part in helping out a grassroots arts nonprofit by sending this post along to anyone you know who might be interested. We need everyone’s help to keep ArtAround healthy and growing. Download our iPhone app, or check out our web database to see what we’ve been up to lately.

Happy Giving Tuesday!

An advocate for art in the public space, Lindsey is ArtAround's director and the Digital Content Editor for Art21, non-profit producers of films about contemporary art. She holds a BA in journalism and art history from NYU and an MS in the history of art & design from Pratt Institute, where she wrote her master's thesis on street art theory.


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