About the Arrow

ArtAround is a nonprofit building the internet’s first global, community-powered map of art in public spaces.

This is our digital magazine, the Arrow, where we publish interviews, news, and updates, tracking the ever-changing landscape of art in our public spaces.

The line separating street art and public art—critical guerrilla work, and sanctioned, commissioned work—is being hacked away from both sides by artists and organizations all over the world. The Arrow exists to track the fading of that line, until public art and street art are treated the same way by the public and its government alike.

Here’s a breakdown of everything we publish:

  • Guides are easy ways to access all the artwork on the ArtAround map according to different sets of tags like colors or decades.
  • We’re always working to improve ArtAround’s functionality, so Updates are where you can find news on how we’re making the database easier to access and add to, and Highlights are where we share new or topical additions to the map.
  • News is broken down into two sections: Features & Pulse. Features include interviews with artists, festival organizers, and public art champions. Pulse posts are where we track the changing laws and regulations governing our public spaces, as well as the sales of artworks taken from the street, and the moves artists are making to combat the commercialization and removal of their work.

Add any geotagged photo of a public artwork to the ArtAround map, and help us grow the internet’s first community-powered database of art in public spaces.