Brooklyn Jury Rules Graffiti is Art of “Recognized Stature”

For the first time ever yesterday, a Brooklyn jury ruled that graffiti can be considered art of "recognized stature."

Banksy Holds a Satirical Centennial Celebration of the Balfour Declaration

Banksy held a mock celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, but the event was protested by Palestinians who thought the stunt was in poor taste.

Parees Fest Brings 10 New Murals to Oviedo, Spain

Ten new murals created as part of Parees Fest in Oviedo, Spain last month are all on the ArtAround map.

Founder Jenna Williams on this weekend’s West End Street Art Festival...

West End Street Art Festival founder Jenna Williams shares the motivations for creating Australia's first dedicated festival and market celebrating street art and design.

Turning History on its Head: Mark Reigelmän’s “The Meeting House”

Artist Mark Reigelmän shares the inspiration behind his 2017 installation in Boston, "The Meeting House."

ArtAround Blog Redesigned as a Magazine: Meet the Arrow

We've redesigned our Tumblr blog as a magazine to track the ever-changing landscape of art in public space.

Pratt Institute Grant Brings 50+ Works to the ArtAround Map

A grant from Pratt Institute brought the school's entire sculpture garden to the ArtAround map.

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