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A blog on the intersection of art and public space, the Arrow is an exploration of how our understandings of public art, street art, and public space are evolving in the twenty-first century. Featuring original research and reporting, this blog charts the legal and social milestones determining who has the right to what forms of creative expression in the spaces we share, charting the new direction of increased access to the arts we’re witnessing the world over.

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H&M Drops Lawsuit Against REVOK After Violating the Artist’s Copyright

In a bizarre turn of events, fast-fashion giant H&M confirms that they have dropped a lawsuit against artist Jason “REVOK” Williams. After the company violated the artist’s copyright by including his work in their Spring “New Routine” campaign without permission, the artist sent a Cease & Desist letter, and in response H&M sued, arguing that because REVOK’s...

Judge Awards 5Pointz Artists $6.75 Million in Landmark Ruling

For the first time ever yesterday, a U.S. court ruled that graffiti—despite its ephemeral nature—is indeed protected under the Visual Artist Rights Act of 1990. 5Pointz developer Jerry Wolkoff has been ordered to pay $6.75 million in damages for the destruction of the graffiti landmark 5Pointz. Yesterday the presiding judge in the case, Federal District Judge Frederick Block, upheld a civil...

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Lindsey Davis is currently the digital content editor for Art21, a Peabody Award-winning nonprofit producing films about contemporary art. An advocate for art in public spaces, she also runs ArtAround, a social documentary project mapping street art and public art around the world.