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A blog on the intersection of art and public space, the Arrow is an exploration of how our understandings of public art, street art, and public space are evolving in the twenty-first century. Mapping the legal and social milestones determining who has the right to what forms of creative expression in the spaces we share, this blog charts the new direction of increased access to the arts we’re witnessing the world over.

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Kerry James Marshall’s “A Monumental Journey” Envisions a More Just America

Today Kerry James Marshall unveiled his largest public sculpture to date: a 25-ton, 30-feet-tall pair of stacked intersecting cylinders, its base inscribed with the names of the twelve Black lawyers—11 men and one woman—who established the National Bar Association in Des Moines in 1925. “The monumental journey is to become truly modern,” Marshall told ARTNews. “It is to escape the dependency on a...

Untouchable: Diana Al-Hadid’s “Delirious Matter” & #MeToo

When I visited Diana Al-Hadid’s Delirious Matter in Madison Square Park, it was hot, lunchtime, and crowded. Made more crowded by the fact that most of the lawns were off-limits, declared as “resting” and forming protective barriers around four of the six sculptures in the exhibition. I was just glad at least one of the three works I was really here to see—collectively...

First Statue of & by a Woman Unveiled in London’s Parliament Square

“Courage calls to courage everywhere,” reads the sign held by the statue depicting suffragist Millicent Fawcett unveiled yesterday. This is the first statue both of a woman and by a woman to join the ranks of the eleven men already commemorated in London’s Parliament Square—a momentous step that’s simultaneously revealing the progress made and that lacking in 2018. Three-time...

H&M Drops Lawsuit Against REVOK After Violating the Artist’s Copyright

In a bizarre turn of events, fast-fashion giant H&M confirms that they have dropped a lawsuit against artist Jason “REVOK” Williams. After the company violated the artist’s copyright by including his work in their Spring “New Routine” campaign without permission, the artist sent a Cease & Desist letter, and in response H&M sued, arguing that because REVOK’s...

Judge Awards 5Pointz Artists $6.75 Million in Landmark Ruling

For the first time ever yesterday, a U.S. court ruled that graffiti—despite its ephemeral nature—is indeed protected under the Visual Artist Rights Act of 1990. 5Pointz developer Jerry Wolkoff has been ordered to pay $6.75 million in damages for the destruction of the graffiti landmark 5Pointz. Yesterday the presiding judge in the case, Federal District Judge Frederick Block, upheld a civil...

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Lindsey Davis is a digital editor and emerging street art scholar investigating public art's potential as a transformative societal element. Since 2015 she has served as the digital content editor for the Peabody Award-winning nonprofit Art21. Her blog, the Arrow, is an editorial component of her documentary nonprofit project ArtAround, an original open-source web platform through which we can collectively archive the art in our shared spaces.